This page describes some events raised by the QuickUI runtime or commonly used in QuickUI controls.


Controls can bind to the layout event if they want to perform custom layout. This event will be triggered whenever a change in window size results in a change in the control's size. If the control's layout may need to update when a child changes size, the control should also bind to the sizeChanged event.

When binding a handler to this event, an initial invocation of the handler will be made. The initial invocation will happen immediately if the control is already in the DOM; otherwise, the initial invocation will happen once the control is added to the DOM.

The event will not be triggered for any control not in the DOM.


A control can raise this event if it wants to cooperatively notify its containers that its size has changed. Rather than triggering this directly, it's best to call a control's checkForSizeChange() method. That method will only trigger the event if the control's size has, in fact, changed since it was last checked.

This event is not used by the QuickUI framework runtime, but is commonly used by QuickUI controls.